I Want to See Clearly.

I picked up my new glasses Monday… and I had that odd sensation my glasses were blurry while grocery shopping. However, this is a common phenomena with new prescriptions, so I didn’t think much of it at first. My eyes just needed to adjust.

Driving home, though, I could tell the blurred sensation on my left lens was because of a smudge. As I walked to my apartment, it definitely looked like a something was there. When I took my new pair home, I cleaned them, but the “smudge” wouldn’t leave. As I looked at it more in the light, the tiny dot/scratches across the left lens looked like they were inside the glass. Being just after 5 pm, it was too late to go back to the optometrist.

Yesterday, after some errands, I took my new glasses in. I was excited because the good assistant was working. She was helping another client, but I told her the problem and she glanced at them. “Oh ya, it looks like the anti-glare may have cracked.” Then the NOT good assistant came out. NOT good asked me what I needed, and I explained. I showed her my glasses and she didn’t seem to see the problem. I re-explained the feature she should be looking for (and seriously easy to see in the light, like any smudge would be), and she took my glasses out of the store and into the direct sunlight. She came back and said she still couldn’t see an issue. I told her they were there, and how Good saw them immediately. I was starting to get frustrated with NOT good. God had even proposed idea about what was wrong–cracked anti glare lens. NOT good said she would take them back and have the device scan them. She came back, telling me the device saw nothing wrong…

At this point, I was about to lose it. “Well I see them, there is clearly an issue with the left tens, like it’s scratched or shattered underneath the glass. And she (Good) sees them too, right?!” I looked at Good. Good nodded. Good also realized the situation wasn’t going in a positive direction, and asked NOT good to handle the client she was checking out while she took my glasses back. After a minute, she came back and said “we will get you new lenses.”

I left and mostly just vented to my spouse in the car. I didn’t want to be rude… NOT good wasn’t rude, she was just incompetent. She didn’t say or do anything wrong, per say, but she also seemed intent on sending me away without fixing the situation with my lenses, something that was clearly wrong that all three of us (me, spouse, Good) could see!

I don’t have any groundbreaking insights from the event. I was simply frustrated by the incompetence of the establishment, and in lieu of a FB post or a yelp review, I blogged about it. I don’t want people to know how easily irritated I can become, and I don’t want to tank their reviews over one not-so-good interaction. Maybe Not good was tired, maybe Not good’s eyes sight is not-so-good too. Maybe Not good is new, learning the ropes, and just honestly couldn’t see it. Maybe Not good is tone deaf and didn’t realize I was getting frustrated by her insistence that there was a problem with the lens. Maybe Not good thought I was complaining about nothing and just wanted new lenses (for whatever reason), and she didn’t want to give me a freebee. I don’t know WTF was up with Not good… just that she was so unbelievably irritating and incompetent.

And what bothers me about incompetence? I guess that’s a blog for another day.


As I close a chapter of my life that has been the past 2 or 6 or 10 years, depending on how you count “endings” and “new beginnings,” I am not wholly ready for what is to come, but I look on in anxious anticipation.

As I dabble in writing and creativity, this is a place to imagine and explore. Perhaps some will read it, perhaps not. I just know I want to try things out and see how they go.